Two Original RHOC Gone:
Quinn Fry’s Disappearance
Lauri Waring Peterson Also Gone

It’s a new season of Real Housewives of Orange County and another of the original ladies, Lauri (Waring) Peterson, has bid goodbye while one wonders: what happened to Quinn Fry?

The new season has a new “housewife”: 30-yr-old Gretchen Rossi, a blue-eyed blonde babe. According to Bravo, Gretchen is a “blonde bombshell with a sparkling personality, dazzling smile and — something very few Orange County women have — real breasts”.

The “real” breasts tag is misleading: it should read “”great” breasts that are real”. We all know that “real” breasts don’t make the “cut” unless they’re nicely shaped and the right size to compete with the “fake” boob crowd that seems to be so prevalent in “Real Housewives” world. I seem to recall a similar conversation last season with the “newest” housewife, Quinn. Which reminds me, what happened to her? She wasn’t back this season.

A quick check of Bravo’s Real Housewives site, and there’s no mention of Quinn. I did find something posted on the comment section of the OC Register:

MySpace Bulletin
Date: Mar 12, 2008 7:31 AM
Subject: Real Housewives Season 4 News!
Body: Hello everyone I have heard some SAD news, but first I wanted to thank everyone for watching the show and being my MySpace friend. The sad news is that I am probably NOT going to be back for Season 4, and yes I feel like I got voted off the island! No fun I tell ya! 🙁

Bravo is making a few cast changes and who knows – I must have not been the right fit on the show or too old or whatever? People have been asking me… what they could do to keep me on and I’m not too sure. I suppose if you really want to see return, you could make some noise and email Bravo to tell them!

I had so many more things that I wanted to share with everyone this summer and I really felt that you are just getting to know me. Plus, I’ve lost weight as many of you have seen and I could help others I think. But all in all, it was a blast while it lasted and I’ll always be a Season 3 Housewife.

Thank you for the sweet words and emails sent.


I was unable to locate this message on Quinn’s MySpace.
I found Quinn’s blog, Quinn – Life After Real Housewives but Quinn hasn’t addressed on her blog the reason why she didn’t return for season 4 of Housewives.

Should Bravo explain to RHOC fans what happened to Quinn?

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Source: Real Housewives of Orange County: Lauri Bids Goodbye and the Mystery of Quinn

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