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Season four of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County and the following reunion were aired and what an “interesting” reunion it was, as viewers watched the housewives diss a dead man.

The dead man was housewife Gretchen’s older boyfriend Jeff, who succumbed to terminal cancer in September.

Gretchen, the accused and unintentional center of attention

Tamra Barney joined the Real Housewives show last season. This season, Gretchen was the new addition, replacing Quinn, who was not invited back. Shortly after the season began, long time housewife, Lauri, left after her son was arrested and put into jail for drug possession. The show then brought in new housewife, Lynne.

What was interesting about this season was not so much “how” these women lived their lives in sunny Coto, but how the dynamics of the group changed and the behaviors that emerged.

After this season, I’ve come to the conclusion that, even though outwardly, these women live what some what call a “glamorous” lifestyle, inwardly, at least in regards to Tamra and Vicki, they’re shallow, vain, mean, and have low self-esteem.

Her Royal Hotness and Chief Accuser, Tamra Barney

This season viewers watched as Tamra:

* Talked quite a bit about her and her husband’s sex life.

* Modeled sexy lingerie while shopping, then, at her and Simon’s tenth anniversary, wore an outfit for him, and the viewers of the show.

* Made endless jokes about Gretchen being a “gold digger”, that Gretchen was “obsessed” with copying Tamra, (which made me laugh) and that Gretchen couldn’t be “trusted”. (Still laughing)

* Groped husband Simon’s crotch and gave him a lap dance in front of family and friends on a houseboat at Lake Havasu in broad daylight. (Miss Manners would not be amused)

* Took etiquette classes before she hosted a dinner party at her house. Forgot the lesson about host and hostess not plotting to get one of their guests, “naked wasted”.

* Escorted her mother to the hospital where her mother got a facelift.

* Told Gretchen that she, Tamra, would “never” leave the hospital if her husband was sick when Gretchen took a couple of days off and went to the lake with her parents. (Gretchen’s boyfriend was ill for 10 months before he died. Gretchen spent the majority of the time at his bedside)

* Yelled at Simon for “scratching” floors and banister when moving exercise equipment

* Got mad at Gretchen for buying all the pink hats at a “hat” party

* Refused to “hang out” with Lynne, Lynne’s husband, Frank, and Gretchen, and her brother at the Del Mar racetrack, then sat and talked “trash” about Gretchen with Vicki and her husband, Donn, and Simon.

* Had her son Ryan ply Gretchen with too much to drink at Tamra’s dinner party. Told Vicki of her plan, that Tamra was going to get Gretchen, “naked wasted”. Didn’t stop her son from hitting on Gretchen when it was apparent Gretchen was inebriated. Tamra claimed she was “drunk” when she told Vicki about her plan. Yet, to this viewer, the plan was implemented before Gretchen walked into the door. When Tamra told Vicki of the plan, it was well before Tamra had too much to drink.

* Talked quite a bit about her parent’s divorce, which occurred when Tamra was 22, and how it still affected her.

* Took a trip to Iowa in order to get her estranged father to tell her that he loved her. Amazingly, she didn’t ask her father if she was still the “hottest”.

Vicki and Love Tank Handler, hubby Donn

This season, viewers watched as Vicki:

* Contemplated buying a million dollar yacht and built her business.

* Wouldn’t speak nor sit with Jeanna at Lake Havasu because Jeanna had brought Frankie with her.

* Cried when hit in the head with a nerf football while on Lake Havasu.

* Attempted to get her son interested in her line of work, insurance.

* Complained about husband Donn not telling her he loved her or and that he didn’t fill up her “love tank”.

* Take an immediate dislike to both Gretchen and Lynne.

* Gave a cold shoulder to Gretchen and Lynne at the Del Mar Race Track.

* Talked down to Lynne, talked behind Lynne’s back about Lynne being a “stay at home mom”, claimed Lynne was “high” and “stupid”.

* Fell on her butt after receiving a plaque at a meeting.

* Flirted with a friend’s husband in Chicago, sat on his lap, ran her fingers through his hair, and told him her boobs “wanted to come out and play”.

* Glued herself to a younger guy while they danced in a club in Vegas.

* Constantly complained about Gretchen wanting to be the “center” of attention.

* Paid for her son, his friend, and Donn to attend a cruise where her company held a “woohoo” seminar. The three men spent the time partying and refused to take part in the seminar.

The premise of the show is a glimpse into these women’s lives and lifestyle. The show frequently threw the women together by way of outings to restaurants, clubs, and places like the Del Mar racetrack and Vegas. It wasn’t a requirement of the show that these women had to be friends. Gretchen, a naturally pleasant person, extended her friendship to these women, as did Lynne. Instead, they were met with increasingly “hostile” attitude from Vicki while Tamra pretended to be friends in order to gather more information for later gossipmongering.

What was the most egregious accusation I’ve heard for awhile?

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Source: Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion: Despicable Housewives Tamra and Vicki “Diss” a Dead Man

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