Bravo Reality Series, “Real Housewives of Orange County” Has Real Trouble

Real-life Husband and Wife, Matt and Jeanna Keough, Are Headed for Divorce

Ex-MLB All Star, Matt Keough’s Drinking Lands Him Jail for Six Months

It Could Have Been Five Years

Real life means jail time for one of the reality “stars” of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Jeanna’s soon to be ex-husband, Matt Keough, was sentenced to six months in jail and had his probation reinstated. Judge Thomas Borris had the discretion to sentence Keough to up to 5 years in prison for violating the terms of his parole.

An ex-all star pitcher for the Oakland A’s, Keough’s troubles with the bottle has been a taboo topic on the popular Bravo TV reality series, Real Housewives of Orange County.

Keough, rarely seen during the series’ first two seasons, was battling his own demons, that of probation officers, rehabs, and attempts to curb binge drinking.

This season on Real Housewives has Jeanna dealing with the breakup of her marriage with Matt. The reasons given didn’t include Matt serving a seven week sentence in the Newport Beach City Jail.

NEWPORT BEACH – Former All-Star pitcher and “Real Housewives of Orange County” husband Matt Keough will be arraigned this morning on charges that he was caught binge drinking at a bar at the Fashion Island Marriott hotel, officials said. Keough, who is on probation for a 2005 driving under the influence conviction, is banned from having alcohol under his probation terms. OC Register

Truth is stranger than fiction on the Real Housewives set.

Keogh has eluded the strictures of the jailhouse for much of the reality series.

How did he finally end up there?

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Real Housewives: Jeanna’s Husband, 6 Months in Jailhouse


Real Housewives: Jeanna’s Husband, 6 Months in Jailhouse

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