Back in the old days when a man was a man and a woman was a lady and the West wasn’t the East or vice versa, things were different. The same was also true for the North and the South. Then came the American Civil War and, shortly after that, the Reagan years. That’s when the United States had a lousy actor as a President (and don’t even think of saying “and not the other way around”, punk) and everything was hunky dory and the birds hardly ever stopped chirping and the only cares anybody had was having enough big hair (and padded shoulders for the women) and thermal nuclear destruction.

And that’s when things started going terribly wrong. Twenty years ago today, something inexplicable happened. For reasons we will never fully understand, Ronald Reagan, like Günter Schabowski after him, mistakenly contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall in a speech he held before the Brandenburg Gate. In famously announcing “Mr. Gorbatchev, tear down this wall,” Reagan inadvertently set an irreversible process in motion that would eventually lead to the next big snafu Schabowski would make on November 9, 1989. The President had actually meant to say “Hey, somebody, please. Clean up this wall.”

That Ronald Reagan is personally responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall is a well-documented historical fact, of course. But that he has never got any heat for having done so is an issue that has yet to be properly addressed. I think enough water has flown under the bridge, folks. It’s finally time to start properly slamming this guy.

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