From the desk of Charlie Churchill’s Parrot

But if we fail, then the whole world … will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister … by the lights of perverted science.
                                                        — Sir Winston Churchill, June 18, 1940

My Dear Democrat United States Congresspersons,

We do hope you are enjoying your well deserved recess.  The 111th has thus far proven one of the boldest and most aggressive legislative bodies in the history of governance.  Statists and collectivists throughout the world and throughout history are doubtless agog.

Between naps and town hall meetings (how rewarding those must be for you) we hope you are taking the opportunity to catch up on your reading. We highly recommend two pieces in particular, namely HR 3200 and HR 2454, the health care reform bill and the cap and trade bill respectively.

While reading, we wonder if you won’t find something reminiscent within the myriad provisions and proposals comprising these bills; something akin, if not entirely homologous to, what Sir Winston Churchill referred to as “perverted science.” 

It is often assumed that in coining the phrase Sir Winston was referring to the monstrous Nazi war machine.  He was not.  He was referring to the synthesis of new technology and knowledge with a godless utilitarian philosophy which recast mankind as a mere resource among others to be used or discarded as expediency requires. In this world view, man exists to serve the State.  To the extent that he does, he has value.  To the extent he does not, he is worthless and expendable. 

Not surprisingly, this “science” proves a bit of a hard sell to most populations, even the German’s of the 1930’s.  So shrewd politicians dress it up with pretty little rationalizations.  Eugenics, for example, justified unspeakable medical practices and experimentation so long as they were carried out upon worthless and expendable non-humans such as Jews, the disabled, blacks, homosexuals, Poles, and political enemies of all stripes.   The Nazi’s “Blood and Soil” campaign made acceptable all manner of environmentalist buggery like “Tierschutzrecht,” their law against the use of cruel experiments on animals (that’s what the Jews et al were for); “Reichnatureschutzgesetz,” which allowed government expropriation of land without compensation for the purposes of environmental land use planning, “Dauerwald,” which protected forests at all costs, and ultimately “Lebensraum,” which justified the expansion of right-thinking Germany to any place on Earth it damn well pleased. (You can read all about this in Mr. Mark Musser’s excellent compendium, “The Green Nazi Hell and America’s Future?” ) 

Are these evidence of the sunny side of Nazism?  Did Dolphy and the boys have a soft spot in their hearts for fuzzy bunnies and leafy trees?  No.  They merely recognized the efficacy of these measures in getting feeling, thinking people to exchange their God given rights of person and property for the promise of some mystical agrarian purity sustained only by the wisdom and grace of science and State.  Alas they instead found themselves mere grist for the mill and forced to accept any dehumanizing edict handed down from government almighty.

When we read then the breathtaking affront to the rights of private property that is HR 2454, the euthanasia provisions in HR 3200 (Section 1233 pages 425-430),and the mandated tax-payer subsidized abortion via the Kennedy amendment thereto, we cannot help but feel we’ve seen all this before. We wonder, too, if the American people will prove as blind and compliant to these manipulations – festooned as they are in the raiment of social justice, environmental stewardship, and fiscal responsibility – as have been their German, Russian, Chinese, and to a lesser degree British, European, Canadian, and Australian cousins before.

It would seem, judging by the rather spunky response those of you holding live town hall meetings are receiving, that they are not.  You would do well to listen to your constituents, and read the damned bills, being mindful of history and the light of perverted science.



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