I have read of the recent tragedy involving the young bridegroom-to-be and his friends’ visit to a New York City night club. The details of the incident are still under investigation, so I will refrain from comment.

However, after reading an article in the “New York Times” about the current Mayor’s steps to “reach out” and engage “the black community,” I was struck by the final passage in the article, which stated the father of the young man had yet to be contacted.

It broke my heart to read that. The loss of a child is difficult to overcome, but to have public figures “reach out” to everyone but the parent is inexcusable.

To Mr. Bell, the young man’s father, I wish to offer my condolences to you and your family. The loss of your son represents dreams which will go unfulfilled and promises which will not come to fruition, and that is a loss to us all.
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