Wednesday night news of a gruesome murder on a Greyhound bus going from Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg Manitoba shocked a lot of people.

Passengers on the bus witnessed a deranged man stabbing another man and eventually cutting the man’s head completely off.

It has been discovered that a chilling recording of a radio transmission between RCMP officers responding to the killing of the man was leaked on the internet and has gotten widespread attention yesterday according to

One officer on the recording describes the suspect as he moved around on the bus which was barricaded by the bus driver and another passenger. Police code named the suspect as ‘Badger’.

“Badger is armed with a knife and a pair of scissors and he is defiling the body at the front of the bus as we speak,” says one of the officers on the transmission. At the end of the transmission the officer said,” OK, Badger’s at the back of the bus hacking off pieces and eating it.”

The recording managed to get posted on several websites including the famous ‘YouTube’ and has registered nearly 9300 hits before it was made unavailable yesterday afternoon.

The RCMP stresses the fact in a news release that they had not given permission to use the tape because they are police communications and are not meant to be used as public consumption.

Witnesses from the bus claim that the victim, Tim McLean was asleep while listening to his music on his headphones when the suspect, Vince Weiguang Li, 40 of Edmonton, attacked him with no apparent warning. They say he pulled out a long knife and started stabbing him over and over. Once all the passengers were off the bus, they say Li beheaded McLean and held it up for the passengers outside the bus to see.

Li was arrested and charged with second degree murder. He worked as a newspaper deliveryman in Edmonton but didn’t show up for work earlier this week.

Family members of Tim McLean say that he made friends effortlessly and he usually charmed anyone whom he came in contact with. He was described as a free spirit who loved to travel. He was on his way home to Winnipeg after working at a carnival in Edmonton according to

Jan Barrett

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