Or was it “M” for “morrific”? How about “M” for “Mist” (manure)? In the States the “M” rating actually means “mature”, which rhymes with “manure” of course, but German authorities beg to differ anyway, I guess. Or at least that’s the case when it comes to the new “Gears of War” computer game that’s just being released. One of its big selling points is that it’s “horrific”, we are told.

And the recent preview party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery probably didn’t help matters, either. The folks in Germany who rate this stuff don’t take kindly to that kind of tasteless behavior and also seem a little touchy these days about mangled and bloodied soldiers blowing up alien invaders (or vice versa) for some reason. Even as a game, I mean. So there we have it. They have refused to rate it i.e. sell it.

I know the real deal, though. The really problem here is the “M” for “Microsoft”. Talk about the Empire of Evil; it’s their game, you see. But wait, perhaps now that the ever-loved-underdog seems to be striking back (Germans love underdogs, too), or perhaps its just the Empire rolling over, Microsoft and Linux can now finally learn to live together in peace and harmony forever, amen.

Or maybe not. But perhaps we’ll at least get a new rating out of the deal, “L” for “Linux”. Or just plain “lousy” if your prefer.

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