Nature Medicine Journal today published an article linking stress to obesity. Humph! Bloomberg’s Simeon Bennett did a nice job of boiling the medical jargon down to its basic meaning, but I’ll take it straight to the point: If you’re overweight, it’s not your fault.

Hamas and Fatah can’t keep a government running in Palestine, but it’s not their fault. Israel and the US are to blame. Michael Moore released a documentary recently that says if you don’t have good health insurance; it’s not your fault. Some corporate dollar chaser is to blame. All this leads me to wonder exactly what is your fault? Are you responsible for anything, or is someone else to blame?

I was born at a generational cuff where many of my friends from high school (yes, they had high school back then) shun responsibility for everything from their kids to their jobs. On the other hand, many of us take responsibility for anything around us and try to improve things. However in the face of overwhelming “evidence” to the contrary, maybe I’ve been mistaken.

Perhaps, like a few of my neighbors, I should have let my children run wild and then blamed the school for not teaching them to behave. It’s not my fault. Maybe I outta stop picking up trash off the ground and just blame those noisy kids that cut through my yard. It’s not my fault. Perhaps my next trip through the McDonald’s drive through will culminate in a lawsuit because even though I know the minimum wage burger jockey never gets the lid on tight, I neglected to make prevent my coffee from splashing on my jock. It’s not my fault. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s refuse to help Africa out with some rubbers (condoms for my chronologically challenged readers) and then blame them for a population explosion and AIDS!It’s not my fault.

Good grief, people! Where does this argument end? Maybe when you get to the pearly gates and St. Peter pushes the down button on the elevator you’ll be able to argue that God withheld his grace so all the bad things you did are his fault. Maybe, but I doubt it.

All the world’s problems seem to be about responsibility. As Gandhi once said, “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” You are responsible. Act like it for a change.

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