The vibrant, flashy, and talented wrestler whose signature catchphrase, “ohhhhh yeahhhhh,” died on May 20, 2011, in a single car crash. His eye-catching attire, his big muscles, and his charisma attracted fans to him. He was a tremendous wrestler who graced the WWE ring for several years, and provided great entertainment for all wrestling fans.

Randy Savage made his WWE debut in 1985. Several managers offered their services to manage him – Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji. But, instead of choosing those well-known managers, he chose a beautiful, young, and petite woman, Elizabeth, to whom he was married to in real life. For most of his career, he portrayed the character of someone who mistreated Elizabeth, and became jealous if anyone even looked at her. However, as the years progressed, his mannerisms changed towards her.

He was always considered one of the best wrestlers of all time.  He proved his ability in a classic, breath-taking, and memorable match at Wrestlemania 3, on March 29, 1987, where in front of approximately
93, 000 fans, he lost the Intercontinental Championship to Ricky Steamboat. That match was regarded as one of the best of all time, because of the skill, and passion both wrestlers displayed at the event that night.

Later in the year, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage formed the “Mega Powers”, after Hogan saved the “Macho Man” from an attack. At Wrestlemania 4, in March of 1988, Savage became the WWE Heavyweight Champion for the very first time, defeating Ted Dibiase with his “flying elbow” from the top rope – his finishing move, in the finals of a 14-man single elimination tournament. Fans were ecstatic that one of their favourites became the champion. They were also happy that Hogan intervened after Andre the Giant (who was in Dibiase’s corner) tried to interfere. After the match, Hogan and Savage embraced and celebrated the victory.

One of the team’s matches was held on “The Main Event”, in February, 1989. They battled Akeem and the Big Bossman – the Twin Towers, and the match saw the jealous side of Savage. As the match progressed, Akeem tossed Savage outside the ring. Randy accidentally landed on Elizabeth. Hogan, seeing both his friends helpless, picked up Elizabeth, and carried her backstage. Savage saw this and ran after Hogan, leading to a heated argument, and this verbal exchange brought out a different side of Savage. Hogan returned to the ring, and somehow managed to win the match. Hogan went backstage after the match, to check on his friends, and another argument between the two occurred, leading to Savage hitting his partner with the World Championship belt, dissolving the “Mega Powers”. The rivalry led to a match at Wrestlemania 5, where Hogan defeated Savage to become the World Champion.

Another of my favourite Randy Savage memories occurred when he was a heel (bad guy) in 1991, after a match at Wrestlemania 7. He lost a retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior.  Sensational Sherri, who was his manager at the time, stepped into the ring, and berated Savage. After watching this from the stands, Elizabeth ran down the aisle, and tossed Sherri from the ring. Elizabeth stood there with tears in her eyes, wanting to help the “Macho Man”, who wouldn’t accept it. When he got up, he realized who was in the ring. The two embraced, which caused a lot of fans to become emotional, and that gesture, turned Savage back into a face (fan favourite). At Summerslam that same year, the two were married on WWE Television.

When his WWE contract expired in October, 1994, Savage “jumped ship” to the rival promotion, World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He became a four-time champion in e company, and had rivalries with Hogan, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Bret Hart, and Roddy Piper.

The “Macho Man” won his first WCW Championship in a rather unique fashion. At a show called “World War 3,” Savage emerged victorious in a three ring, 60-man battle royal, to determine the new champion. The final four were Hogan, Savage, The Giant (currently known as “The Big Show in the WWE) and the One Man Gang. Savage eliminated the One Man Gang. Hogan eliminated the Giant, however, while the referee was distracted, The Giant pulled Hogan under the ropes. It was a gruelling contest which tested the sixty participant’s endurance. Savage earned that victory – it’s really difficult to win a battle royal with twenty or thirty wrestlers, but winning a battle royal with sixty wrestlers? That, in my opinion, is unbelievable.

Although “Macho Man” made his name as a professional wrestler , his talents soared beyond wrestling.  He became a spokesman for a snack food called “Slim Jim”. His catch phrase in the commercials was “snap into a Slim Jim, ooohhhhh yeahhhh!” Many fans who watched those ads will remember that line, and perhaps other things that happened in the commercials. He also participated in one of the “Spider Man” movies, as well as a movie based on wrestling, called “Ready to Rumble.” He made appearances in television series. He even tried his talent at singing, and produced a rap album, in which he playfully directed some “hits” at his rival, Hulk Hogan.

On the May 23, 2011 edition on “Monday Night Raw”, the WWE honoured Randy Savage by showing a video montage of his wrestling career, which was an emotional moment for everyone watching. After it was over, the live crowd gave a standing ovation and chanted “Macho, Macho”. C.M. Punk honoured him by wearing the exact same trunks, knee pads and boots Savage wore as a competitor when he wrestled. Randy must have smiled down from heaven. He will be missed. His matches were spectacular, and enjoyable, and proved just how talented a wrestler he really was. He gave excellent interviews – his low, raspy voice will never be duplicated.  He leaves behind his wife, Lynn. Randy Savage may be gone, but he will never, ever be forgotten. Ooooh yeaaah!!!

Azeem Kayum

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