Raleigh Imam clarifies and speaks about brotherhoodDear brother,

I thank you very much for your opinion and views, but again I would like you to go back and read my story carefully with open mind and understanding then you will see my point. I quoted my story directly from the holy books of the Almighty God, Holy Quran and the Holy Bible. It has been mention many times in the Quran and hadith to support the truth whoever may say it and wherever it comes from. The president might be the worst human being on earth as you proclaim, but today the same president condemns the most sinful act in history and even generation it has been perpetrated was destroyed therefore by the supporting my brother in Islam “The president” for condemning that sinful act is no crime. I am not in religion of confrontations, baseless accusations, immoral speeches, but in religion of good judgments, unity and enlightments. I am not interested in politics, worldly fame, neither to be indorses by any public figure, but I based my judgments entirely profound Islamic teachings and believe. By slandering the skin of your brother is not the good way to make a difference, but a sinful act.

Avoid harming other Muslims by words or actions. As a matter of fact Islam forbids vain or evil talk. The Quran says: “Those who turn away from vain talk.” (3-23) The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H.) said: “The Muslim is he from whom people are safe from his tongue and hand (actions). 

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said: “You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not have faith until you love each other. Shall I direct you to something which if you fulfill you will love one another? Spread peace among yourselves. (It was reported by Muslim). 1) In this tradition our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.) recommends that we should spread peace. This is fulfilled through many things: by saluting each other with the salutation of peace through saying peace be with you; by spreading a state of peace and not conflict, and by trying to spread peace in the society through reconciling our differences.

Brotherhood includes guarding your tongue from hurting your brother and never mentioning him except in a good manner. Do not allow anyone to complain to you about your brother lest it cause a rift between you and your brother or cause you to become impatient with him. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “I like to meet my brothers with a clean heart.”

One should not reciprocate wrongdoing with a similar offense, but rather with good deeds. Keep in mind that whoever desires to have a brother devoid of shortcomings will become brotherless.

You should strive to emulate the man about whom the honored Prophet (pbuh) said, “A man of Paradise shall enter among you, shortly.” The fine merit of this man described by the Prophet (pbuh) was that every night before he slept he cleansed his heart of any hatred or envy towards his fellow Muslims. As was already mentioned, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) also said:  “Whosoever conceals the shortcomings of his brother, Allah shall conceal his in this life and the next world. Know that your faith is not complete until you love for your brother what you love for yourself. Therefore, treat your brothers in the same manner that you wish them to treat you. A servant’s faith is not sound until his heart and tongue are sound. The martyr Imam Hassan al Banna said, “The lowest degree of brotherhood is a wholesome heart, free of suspicions, and the highest degree is favoring your brother over yourself.”

1) Make an earnest effort to only say the truth and avoid lying.

2) Do not mention any of your brothers except in a good way and restrain your tongue towards them.

3) Talk to your brother (and about him) in a manner that pleases him and make dua for him and his children.

As a good Muslim it will be better for you to support me, the president, my deputy and all those good Muslims and Christians for condemning this sinful act which is polluting our society than condemning the word of God. My brother there must concrete and unbiased evidence in hand for every accusation made as Islamic law is concern, evidence which is not base on rumors or ill thoughts. All these accusations you made against the president today, if you would, please give me concrete and unbiased evidence supporting your claim, I promise you I will write and condemn it. I believe all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. That been said I want to warn you, myself and all believing men and women that false accusations against someone, because of hatred is a very sinful act and on the day of resurrection we will stand before our Lord and confess to our lies against our brother. The tragedies that you mention on your story are sinful act and unfortunate, but I cannot condemn the president because I do not know for sure whether he is responsible or perpetrated the act. Again I thank you very much for your commit and views, May peace be with you and whole Muslim Umma.    

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