Raj Thackeray’s reply to an open letter from Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni tells us more about Raj Thackeray than his discredited cause. Offstumped will not get into the details of his reply for that would be dignifying him with credibility that he is most undeserving of. Nitin and Rohit have dwelt on different aspects of his reply.

Offstumped instead intends to focus this short post on the underlying pyschology that manifested itself in this reply. With his warped logic justifying violence Raj Thackeray has confirmed what some of us have always suspected. Raj may have had his uncle’s looks and talents but when he was passed over to don the mantle of the Shiv Sena it had less to do with paternal love and more to do with Raj’s immaturity.

The recent sequences of events culminating in this public letter now complete the picture on Raj Thackeray’s pyschology. His transition into adulthood is clearly incomplete with his adolsecent like response on being held accountable for acts of violence. Clearly Raj Thackeray is not in the habit of taking responsibility for his actions and is prone to drawing adolescent comparisons with others to rationalize his own failings.

It is unfortunate that he has allowed his lack of maturity to be exploited by the Congress-NCP combine in this manner in the vain hope of resurrecting his dead-end political career. It is also unfortunate that people of Maharashtra and more specifically the urban growth centers like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur will pay the price for Raj Thackeray’s incomplete adulthood and the Congress’ cynicism.

Offstumped Bottomline: When Chattrapati Shivaji waged war it was to uphold Dharma. Those self proclaimed torchbearers of his legacy who swear by Hindutva on the one hand and rationalize cowardly acts of violence on the other hand, neither understand Dharma nor Shivaji. Violence targetting North Indians in Maharashtra is not only unconstitutional it is Adharma and Anti-Hindutva. Those who are aiding and abetting it are sullying Chattrapati Shivaji’s legacy. Raj Thackeray must learn to grow up and take responsibility for his actions rather than resort to adolescent rationalizations.

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