It’s raining in Israel.  You won’t hear about it on the weather channel, though, because it’s not your typical rain.  Sadly, the fact that rockets are raining down on the Israeli town of Sderot won’t be easily found on the regular news either.  No, it is more likely you will hear about actual rainfall in Sderot than the sort that Hamas is barraging the Israelis with.

And if you do hear about the rockets, you’ll likely get a distorted view.  Likely you’ll hear about “a few” rockets “injuring” Israelis, and then, in the next breath you’ll discover all the atrocities the Israelis perpetrated retaliating or defending themselves, as though Americans or Europeans wouldn’t react the same way to a steady downpour of missiles….

This is what we always forget when we discuss Israel–how would we respond?  After 9/11 we invaded Afghanistan.  If New York or Chicago was suddenly bombarded with a daily helping of rockets and suicide bombers, you can be damn sure the American military would respond, and probably not gently.  Israel does its best to not involve civilians, but the terrorists and militants occupy buildings and areas where the civilian population is dense.  This serves two purposes: first of all, it deters Israel from striking back with full force; second, it makes Israel look bad, and gains sympathy for the militants.

The world is quick to forget the lessons of the Holocaust.  Somehow it is easier to ignore the signs than to heed them.  It is more comforting to dismiss the Iranian calls to “wipe Israel off the map” than to stand up to these statements.  Perhaps we are too quick to desire peaceful solutions to complicated problems.  Perhaps we wish that irrational people would think rationally, or that hateful people will suddenly embrace love.

Waiting for Iran and the other radical Arab States to come to the realization that they can live in peace with their Democratic neighbor Israel is a waste of time.  It will never happen, so long as Iran is ruled by the iron, theocratic fists of the mullahs and extremists.  The extremists have no desire to find a peaceful solution, because peace undermines their power.  Don’t look to Hamas for a diplomatic solution.

The only way to take power from the extremists and terrorists is to cripple them, take away their effectiveness, and reveal them as the cowards and criminals that they are.  When they can no longer harm Israel, then maybe their own people will realize who their true enemies are.

And perhaps someday the mainstream media will start telling the truth about Israel and the rain in Sderot.

Until then, hopefully the online community can keep speaking the truth, and spreading information about what’s really going on in the Holy Land.

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