A number of railway workers from the UK are awaiting a decision with regards to compensation payouts for a condition caused by exposure to asbestos, hoping that a ruling will see compensation payouts for pleural plaques revert back to previous payout levels. Around eighty people in the Swindon area are awaiting the results of a House of Lords judgement according to local reports.

Pleural plaques are spots on the lungs that are caused by exposure to asbestos, and in some cases can result in the sufferer getting asbestos related cancer. However, despite this a Court of Appeal ruled last year that sufferers of this condition should not be eligible for compensation.

An official from a firm of solicitors stated: “Pleural plaques are a sign that the asbestos fibre has gone into the lungs and can sit there for 60 years before disease develops. Generally consultants say there are no physical symptoms but once plaques show up, there is a risk. It is a time bomb – some die before anything happens, but others are unlucky and get cancer.”

Previously the payout level for pleural plaques was around five thousand pounds (around ten thousand dollars) and sufferers were able to go on to claim further damages if they then contracted cancer as a result of these pleural plaques.

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