Offstumped had in the past contrasted Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary performance to date to show how lack luster it has been. Now we know that he is not very comfortable making extempore remarks in a debate while preferring to take the rather safer option of reading from prepared text. Be that as it may Rahul Gandhi’s Discover India tour to Orissa has raked up another controversy over his alleged vanishing act from the guesthouse in Koraput to a Naxal village near a jungle.

While the BJD is hopping mad that it jeopardized security Rahul Gandhi had this to say

“It’s my job to listen to the voice of the people I represent. So I am not going to get deterred by the SPG, police or anybody else,”

Which leads one to wonder what exactly is the threat to Rahul that he needs SPG  cover ?

Offstumped poser to Rahul Gandhi: Its time to walk the talk Rahul. Stop making hollow statements of not being deterred by security personnel. Show some respect to those brave men and women who will not think twice about taking a bullet for you. If you really want to reach out to the people why dont you voluntarily reject SPG protection and send out a message to the the Maoists. the Jihadists and the Tamil Terrorists that you are not going to be deterred by them.

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