Rahul Gandhi’s maiden speech at the AICC since being “annointed” General Secretary and Congress Working Committee Member has evoked mixed reactions.

Although the Talkatora Indoor Stadium was echoing with cries of ‘Rahul, Rahul’ when he started his Hindi-cum-English speech, by the time his comments of barely 10 minutes ended there was widespread dismay despite the applause.Addressing 3,000 All India Congress Committee delegates, he said the party should be relevant to ‘a broad range of young Indians’ and become ‘meritocratic’ where progress is linked to performance and accountability.

For someone who got “annointed” to his position within the party on account of his lineage it perhaps was jarring to his partymen to hear him speak of “merit”, “performance” and “accountability”. While Rahul’s lack of “merit” and a cropper of “performance” is well known its his emphasis on “accountability” that should have “mamma” and “chacha manmohan” in trouble.

So if one were to apply the “Rahul Gandhi” maxim of “progress” linked to “performance” and “accountability” were will that leave Congress President Sonia Gandhi who oversaw the party lose every assembly election since 2004 and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who’s Executive Delinquency for the last many months saw governance come to a standstill. The Congress President had the gall to raise the issue of terrorism when it is a documented fact that every single mass terror attack since 1992 have been in Congress ruled or Congress supported states which practiced muslim appeasement with no qualms.

That of all people Rahul Gandhi should speak of “merit”, “performance” and “accountability” is hilarious.

Offstumped Poser to Rahul Gandhi: Prove that you can lead by example and match words for action. Show that accountability begins at home by explaining to us how you “merit” the post of Congress General Secretary, how your mother is entitled to remain Congress President after the disastrous “performance” of your party in election after election and how your Prime Minister will be held “accountable” for his government’s executive delinquency.


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