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Bring it on says Offstumped

Well the spin is here and it is here to stay. Ever since the day the AICC announced that Rahul Gandhi would be made General Secretary we have been fed soundbites by Congress spin meisters and their media sympathisers on how the Congress was going to get a facelift, not a political or intellectual lift mind you.

So as the Congress prepares itself for Cosmetic Surgery of the Rahul Gandhi variety, the instrument of facial makeover seems to have been setup for some loss of face himself. First it was Abhishek Singhvi going head over heels with his Dhoni analogy only to highlight the lack of accomplishment of his ageing protege. Now it is the turn of Prakash Jaiswal, the Congress MP from Uttar Pradesh and Minister of State for Home Affairs who seems to have queered the pitch for the “not so young anymore” Gandhi even before he got his political bearings right.

Jaiswal on a visit to Gujarat had this to say

Rahul has jumped into the battlefield… He will play a decisive role in Gujarat….. No other party has such a popular youth leader

Taking cue from Jaiswal more sycophantic voices from Gujarat chimed in with BK Hariprasad, Congress Gen Secy claiming

Rahul will spearhead the campaign

So while the “not so young anymore” Rahul Gandhi is being setup for an uphill battle in Gujarat by his sycophants, he himself seems to be sobering down to the reality of the Congress Party. No less than 10 of his handlers had to accompany him to the Prime Minister’s residence to get him some positive press and credit around the NREGA.

While Offstumped had pointed out how Congress ruled states did badly on the NREGA, the Daily Pioneer today points out how Rahul Gandhi was trying to take credit for something the Prime Minister had already announced in his Independence Day speech on extending NREGA to the rest of the country.

The Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi match up should make for some exciting political debate in the days to come as Gujarat and the BJP gear up for elections.

Offstumped will be there watching.


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