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The Congress Media Spin Machine has started to roll as predicted by Offstumped yesterday.

However it seems to have got its foot in its mouth on Day 1 itself.

Perhaps carried away by the euphoria over India’s victory in the first ever T20 World Cup (thanks to Prasanna Vishy for pointing this out), Congress spin meister and spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi went head over heels to put a cricketing spin on Rahul Gandhi’s elevation with these words

“The spirit of youth was reflected yesterday afternoon when Rahul Gandhi took over an important position and Dhoni and his team delivered a magnificent victory to India,” AICC spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi told reporters.

“I have no doubt that Rahul Gandhi will return the compliment by decisively winning the next big match,” he said.

Unfortunately however for Singhvi the spin turned out to be a doosra.

At 27 years of age MS Dhoni has a trail blazing track record of talent and accomplishment to show while his ageing protege in Rahul Gandhi at 37 years of age has neither accomplishment nor talent to lay claim to.

With just genes and a popular last name being his only claim to political office, the not so young anymore Gandhi is also an intellectual vaccum without anything particularly insightful to offer on the defining issues of this day and age.

The media as predicted by Offstumped has gone gaga over his elevation. The lone exception is an odd posting on CNN-IBN by Bhupendra Choubey celebrating small town hero Dhoni and questioning the wisdom of fast tracking the not so young anymore Rahul Gandhi’s political career.

Offstumped Bottomline: This probably the shortest post in Offstumped History and it bears testimony to how lacking in accomplishment the subject of this post is. Abhishek Singhvi tried to a spin a good one but it ended up being a doosra blowing up on his face.


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