KDND 107.9 has fired its “Morning Rave” staff for running a contest that killed a 28 year old mother. The contest “Hold your Wee for Wii” was almost like a college hazing in that the Radio staff were aware of the dangers but ran the contest anyway. The D.J.s even dduring their broadcasts about people dying from water intoxification. Even a female caller had warned them about the possibility of people dying from the contest they informed the caller they were aware but that the contestants had signed releases, so it was okay.

What these radio personalities did not realize was that people are gullable and will do stupid things when asked by a celebrity. People who are celebrities should realize what they do and say is followed by many.

I applaud the the Radio station for taking this action. These kinds of things should not be allowed on the air. The argument that people should have known better is no excuse for this type of behavior to increase ratings. The sad thing is the radio personalities will find a job at another station while KDND may suffer the brunt of any possible lawsuit.

To read about the news item go here.

[Edited by Simon – Grammer and clarity]

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