By Honey Gillard 

OSCAR winner Rachel Weisz has declined a lead role as Evelyn O’Connell in the third instalment of the antique action ‘The Mummy’ movies. 

Weisz starred as Brendan Fraser’s wife/love interest in the previous two adventure films, now with a Weisz less film Brendan’s character Rick O’Connell has been left wifeless. 

Fraser has previously signed on for the 3rd film. 

Weisz, who appeared in the first two Mummy films, which have grossed $US830 million worldwide since 1999, has been unable to commit due to a scheduling conflict. 

Recent accounts have Jet Li down for the villainous role of the mummified monster in the new film. 

The Mummy 3 is scheduled to hit our screens sometime during the middle of next year. 

The question is what will happen when you take the Weisz out of the Mummy. Will it be mummified and sent to the bottom of the ocean? Or will it be wrapped up and treasured from here to eternity? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

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