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Since ‘The O.C’s departure from our screens early last year, actress Rachel Bilson seems to have lied low – filming only 2 movies since. But the 27-year-old has snuck back up onto our radar again; this time promoting her very own clothing line, Edie Rose.

Bilson unveiled the collection for the very first time this past weekend at a Macy’s in Florida, showing off the collections range of jeans, casual dresses, jackets in denim and leather, and tailored blazers. The colour scheme also speaks Rachel – prominently monochrome with a dash of daffodil yellow.

Rachel commented: “It’s simple with one pop of colour, which is like me. I’ll dress basic with, like, a pop of [colour in] a shoe or an interesting bag.”

Although the fashion designing business is today closely linked to celebrities, Rachel claims that she is serious about this line and hopes that people see the clothes for what they are, rather then who designed them.

Speaking at the launch, the actress told waiting press, ‘I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity. I want the line to be taken seriously.’

The line draws it’s unique name from 2 sources – Rachel’s maternal grandmother, Edith, – who passed away a few years back- and her friend’s grandmother Rose – who reminds her of her own.

In memory of Edie, Rachel said, “She would just be so proud and to have her name live on in a way, it just makes it so much more special.”

Bilson has worked solidly during the ‘Edie Rose’ design process, which began a few months back at the DKNY Jeans offices in New York City. Lacking in drawing abilities, Rachel found an alternative lead, instead drawing the pictures with her mind and voice —paying tribute to even the smallest details like buttons. The entire line was finished during the course of a few hours.

Rachel recalls the memory saying: “I came with some pictures, a couple pieces of my own clothes and some ideas in my head.”

But the work didn’t end there for Bilson however, who decided to go one step further and learn to sew. ‘And while Rachel may be an ace at describing an outfit, so far she’s terrible at making one: The first item she sewed—a long, flowing skirt—”was a disaster,” she says, laughing. “It was 10 sizes too big and instead of going out it goes in at the bottom. Totally unflattering.”‘ (1)

The ‘Edie Rose’ collection can be bought from US stores, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom, with prices starting at $19.50.

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