By Honey Gillard

We’ve all got our little fears hidden away – some we’re ashamed to share, others are the common things ( such as clowns, sharks, spiders etc, etc.) What fears does ‘The O.C’s’ lil miss Rachel Bilson have in her closet – i guess you’re jsut gonna have to read on to find out.

Fear 1: Drowning

The 26-year-old actress was made to confront her fear of drowning recently on the set of her sci-fi film titled ‘Jumper’ – as one scene had to be filmed completely underwater.

The brunette beauty recollected the scene: “Hayden [Christensen] and I are both submerged, fully dressed, in supposedly icy water in a river in Michigan.”

“For me, having to be underwater with oxygen was very difficult and uncomfortable. I can swim, but I have a real fear of drowning. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

Fear 2: Supernatural Things

Rachel also spoke out recently about her other fear – that of the supernatural.

She revealed: “Supernatural things really scare me. I saw a picture of a ghost when I was younger and it was very creepy and very graphic. I definitely believe there’s something else out there.”

In further news, the actress – rumoured to be dating her Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen – shared a quirky little habit of hers – crying at the simplest things.

“The last film I saw was Spider-Man 3 . I watched it on a plane and I think everybody was a bit surprised when I started crying.” She revealed, “I cry at stupid things. I cry so much it’s just ridiculous!”

So I bet there’s 3 new things you didn’t know about the rising L.A beauty ! 😀

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Sources: Times Of India


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