By Honey Gillard

‘JUMPER’ co-stars and lovebirds Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have been spotted on the streets of LA together – on more than one occasion.

Most recently [last Tuesday], Hayden was seen ‘playing the gentleman’ to the O.C star, picking up Rachel Bilson in his $200K Ferrari just to give her a ride to Barneys of New York in Beverly Hills for a little shopping trip. Awhhh.

Rachel was looking as fresh and fabulous as ever – always creating her own ‘individual’ and enticing styles.  [Pictured top left]

When ravishing Rachel had finished her shopping, she called her new boy Hayden and he came (as JustJared described it) ‘like a puppy’.

On Monday, Hayden, 26, took Rachel, 25, to meet his brother Mr. Tove Christensen in L.A.

If these two rendezvous’ were not enough, the co-stars were also spotted out and about in LA on Saturday.

So that’s Saturday, Monday and Tuesday – and that’s just this week.

There initial outings together – that really got the media jumping at their relationship – were last month when the couple were spotted feeding each other and grocery shopping together – very coupley things….

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