Are you kidding me?  In an interview with Mike Huckabee, Michelle Obama said she stays away from news because she wants to formulate her own opinions based on her “experiences.”  Obama said she reads news clips from the headlines, “but I tend and I try to keep home kind of news-free zone.”

At this unusual time in American history – when more Americans are waking up to what’s going on in their government and getting involved, Queen Obama announces that her family home is a “News-Free” zone, because she prefers her own “experience” to those of her fellow citizens.  She has no need for factual events going on with anyone else.

We teach our kids in school to stay on top of current events and we hold discussions with them in classrooms and at our dinner-tables.  Adults gather at watercoolers, lunch tables, and townhall meetings to discuss news.   Many turn to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to stay informed.  And wait – didn’t liberals mock Sarah Palin when she didn’t answer Katie Couric’s question about magazines she reads?

But not Michelle Obama.  Forget about gathering information and researching facts.  Her home is a “News-Free” zone and her personal experience is all that she needs.  

Heaven knows that any news about what the country is actually thinking, doing, or saying is the last thing she wants to hear about.

“Let them eat cake” she may as well have said.

Never mind if her personal experience has been limited to Chicago, and she knows nothing about the experience of rural, non-black, or “less than elite” Americans.  

Has she ever been on welfare?  Has she ever slept in the projects?  No? 

What about an understanding of middle class America?  She’s been living on the high end for a long time; enjoying the pay-offs that come with her husband’s social and political positions.  Does she have any understanding of what it is like to work your fingers to the bone and still not be able to make ends meet?  Or what it is like to keep a small family business in the black with today’s economy and taxes?  No?  Lived and worked in the rural bread basket of America; known people who gather for coffee in a small town cafe?

I’ve had experience with all those things, and it amazes me that Michelle Obama assumes she can have any understanding of what I or most other Americans are about.  She’ll never understand the Tea Party if she’s going to depend solely on her personal “experiences” to formulate her opinions.  But…maybe she doesn’t want to understand the Tea Party.

But what can we expect.  This is no different then what any of the “progressive” elite are doing.  They really don’t give a rip about the poor or middle class.  Just like John Edwards, they don’t even like being around them.  They feign concern, wailing about “all the poor that can’t afford Health insurance” simply because it makes good sound bites and gives an excuse for their dominating agenda. 

But heaven forbid they spend any real time getting their hands dirty.  You won’t see John Edwards or Michelle Obama wiping saliva off the chins of elderly with dementia, much less take the time to really hear what “Tea Partiers” are trying to say.

Lastly, as can be seen on twitter and other social sites – Americans react to news as a group. It’s actually part of who we are.  Before the day is out, most of us know if someone of importance had passed away that day, or if there was a major tragedy a few states away.  We talk about it with people at school, work and home.  Part of the feeling of being “slapped” by her statement is …well, it’s the elitist attitude.  Not only does it seem that she doesn’t care about facts, but it seems she doesn’t care to share in our community news, whether it be national joy or national agnst.   We’re just not important to her.

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