Quarterlife is living proof that works in one medium does not necessarily translate well into another Medium. The Internet series that features short 7 to 9 minute episodes has done extremely well, bringing in huge amounts of hits.

NBC attempted to transition the series to TV, and to say the least the results are disappointing. The premier episode according to Nielson statistics brought in a paltry 3.1 million viewers. To put this into some context, Quarterlife had the smallest number of viewers recorded in the last 20 years by Nielson.

Rumors across the Internet are that NBC may well cancel this show before the second episode airs.

One has to wonder what went wrong? The producers have great credentials, Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick have worked on projects like  “My So-Called Life” and “thirtysomething,” One would think that porting an Internet phenom like Quarterlife to the ‘idiot box’ would be a no brainer.

In my opinion they failed to take into account the hugely different types of audience that the two mediums have. The Internet is populated by the young (and not so young) adventure seekers many of whom have made the Internet their milieu of choice for entertainment and rarely turn on the TV. The couch loving TV fans on the other hand rarely venture to the computer except to check their Email. The two crowds are vastly different. I for one was not surprised in the least that NBC has a colossal flop on their hands with Quarterlife.

Simon Barrett



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