Arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Tom Brady is always looking to keep his edge…on, and off the field.  In doing so, the New England Patriots #1 quarterback often involves his teammates.  His teammates, although willing to participate in Brady’s antics, often take his actions one step further, attempting to gain an edge all their own.

Such was the case this past week when backup quarterback Matt Cassel outdueled Tom Brady.  The two’s usual bouts of shadow boxing and wrestling led to an accident that caused Cassel to spill a milkshake all over himself.  Cassel’s reaction…he spat a mouthful of milkshake back at Brady, striking him in the face.  Brady, in turn, had a teammate remove the four tires from Cassel’s car during practice, three of which were placed in front of his locker.  The other tire was hidden. 

Cassel hadn’t admitted to any acts of retaliation, but the following day, after practice, Brady returned to his SUV.  It was filled from floor to ceiling with packing peanuts.  Brady, although humored, wasn’t impressed.  The two teammates have since declared a truce. 

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