“Bond is back.”

I will be the first to admit that I was done with the Bond franchise. After seeing what Jason Bourne did for the genre I figured Bond was no longer needed. Blame it on Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan, the fact remains that the character was getting to be old, greasy and washed up. And worse off, unbelievable. Even in a film of unbelievable stunts and scenarios you at least want to see actors who can pull these things off as if they were possible. Bond had become this Austin Powers ladies man who couldn’t run across the street much less pull off what they had him doing. Add to that cliché story lines that were lame and focused more on Bond’s lady man skills, and it was time for a license to kill off the films all together. So it goes without saying, though I will, how welcome and saving Daniel Craig is for the entire legacy.

In Quantum of Solace we find Bond (Daniel Craig) still reeling from the death of his woman and vowing for revenge; without really admitting it. All the while still trying to get to the bottom of an over zealous tree hugger who seems to be behind some dastardly deals. And this eager environmentalist may or may not be linked to an organization that has spies everywhere, including M’s own back yard. When several countries water supplies become the object of greed Bond joins with a revenge motivated hottie named Camille (Olga Kurylenko) to infiltrate the system and shut it down.

This is the Bond film that just might reinvigorate the fans. Sure the plot is thin and the action over the top. But finally we have a Bond that makes all of it work. Craig is rugged and steely in his portrayal. He still has the charm that Bond needs but that is not what gets him through the day. It is his ability to kick serious butt when need be. He has a swagger about him that we have not seen in a Bond for some while. Many gave Craig a hard time being that he was blonde and not like the Bonds of the past. Well Amen.

Quantum of Solace is full of action from the opening bell to the final credits. Car chases and hand to hand duels keep this film moving at a fairly decent pace. There was a brief moment near the middle when I thought it was going to stall out, but it pulled through and stayed strong until the end. Plus it has that tinge of old school Bond films where the bad guy is world dominating in his mindset and plots. The perfect bad guy you love to hate. Unlike the past Bond films, Camille is a girl that isn’t totally reliant on Bond to save her every time. She has a steady spine and when push comes to shove can deal with the best of them.

Quantum of Solace is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and some sexual content. Not nearly the sexual antics and innuendos of the past failures but enough for Bond to still prove he has a way with the ladies. The action is intense but not with a lot of gore and bloodshed. There are bullets flying everywhere and if you are not into gun play then you might be left out of most of the action. I give this Bond flick 3.75 out 5 scaffolds. Craig is the perfect Bond and even though I still have no idea what a Quantum of Solace is, I enjoyed this action ride from beginning to end.

Matt Mungle ( (11/11/08)

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