As we look at who is running for office of the US today, all I can say about it is this. Every election year for the past twenty some years, our Presidential and Congressional Candidates have dropped in quality and in any other measure you may wish to apply. In words, they have become more and more unwanted and unvotable for just too many years. Even in 2004, between Bush and Kerry, it was not who was best for the Country, but who was the lest of two evils.

Today we have one candidate that has even earned the right to run, but even that is not enough to make him worth the vote. Obama has at least tried to do every promise he has made, but these are great for a welfare nation, not what the US was built on. Nor are they good for what the US and the world are facing today.

With the problems like world Terrorism, economy, and an endless list of things we are facing, what is needed is not someone that has supported the “Poor-me” syndrome that is plaguing this nation, but someone that has the guts to stand up to the problems head on. Which is about the only thing that got Bush re-elected in 2004, right or wrong, he did at least face them head on.

From the candidates running today, not one of them shows to have this ability, nor the vision to even try and do them against a congress that is more concerned with self promotion than US needs. Quick fixes and temporary solutions are not the answer in any world leader nation, but solid and decisive vision and action is all we can rely on. Who running has even shown that capability to perform? Not one of them.

With today’s business leaders moving for sloppy maintenance and federal support, do we really want a business leader in office? Or would it be better to have someone that is so quick to blame the US for almost every wrong in the world? Maybe we need someone that will bow down to every other country’s wishes, or the faulty UN’s demands? So far this is all we have to choose from in this election year, and even worse.

As I see it now, no matter who we vote for in this election year, the US will be screwed politically, economically, and morally.

Some where we have to have a strong leader, and not a dictator, crook, or patsy, but someone that can organize this government to do what needs to be done in these troubled times. If we do not find one within the next decade, there might not be much of America left.

America is going to need to stand up and speak to the government, that we need real leaders of office, and not wannabes. In every office of this country we are needing them, and they are just not there.

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