Cadaver dogs alerted to a scent in a dumpster near by Haleigh Cummings trailer on Thursday.  Detectives hauled in a separate dumpster to put the trash in from the first one.  They went through the trash one piece at a time.  NO evidence was found.  Haleigh went missing from her home on February 10th during the early morning hours.  She was last seen by Misty Croslin, Haleigh’s father Ron Cummings girlfriend.  Misty has told several different stories as to what happened the early morning she realized Haleigh had been missing. 

Multiple canine teams searched the area near Haleigh’s home.  They searched under trailers and houses.  The cadaver dogs were not brought in due to tips or leads in the case, but as a procedure that has warranted success in finding missing/dead people.  The dogs continued the search into Friday.  The family of Haleigh have all taken polygraph tests.  Including is the father Ron Cummings, his girlfriend Misty Croslin, the biological mother of Haleigh Crystal Sheffield.  They all have claimed to pass the polygraphs.  Something which the law enforcement detectives have yet to verify or comment on.

Haleigh’s family released a short silent video of Haleigh last Christmas opening her presents.  Haleigh’s little brother Jr. is still with Ron.  Her mother Crystal was sought after yesterday for a dna sample in case there is any evidence of Haleigh discovered.  Haleigh’s father has been investigated by Child Welfare Services.  The reasons behind those investigations have yet to be disclosed.  He is also in a custody battle over the two small children Haleigh and Jr. with there biological mother Crystal Sheffield.  They have stated that her disappearance has nothing to do with that situation.

According to Haleigh’s biological mother Crystal, Jr. Haleigh’s little brother said that a man dressed in black came in and took Haleigh.  People who are trained to deal with small children have been assigned to talk to Jr.  No word on that either.   Anyone with any information regarding Haleigh has been asked to call crime stoppers immediately.  I pray they find her alive and well.

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