Russian medical observers were pleasantly surprised to learn that two thirds of Germans surveyed actually agree with Russian President Vladimer Putin’s recent statements claiming that American policies have led to “a very dangerous unipolar world” and that they now openly support his call to create a bipolar one instead.

Up until then, many of these Kremlin experts had been quite distressed about the mental condition of their reptile-like president and had simply assumed that he was stark raving mad. But now that the vast majority of a well-educated Western nation wholeheartedly supports his bizarre maniacal delusions, they feel quite relieved and are sure now that their silly concerns must have been attributable to something else.

“We’ve been a little overworked lately, you know,” said one unnamed Russian medication specialist. “It’s easy to work yourself up into some delusional fantasy when the president you’re pumping meds into keeps repeating, well, certain things about nuclear weapons and stuff. And then there are his Kremlin roof climbing fits when the moon is full and all that. But hey, if the Germans think he’s up-to-speed, who are we to question it? I mean, they have a lot more experience than we do when it comes to choosing great world figures.”

Putin and Germany’s planned bipolar world is of course noting more than a major mood disorder in which those suffering under it experience violent episodes of both mania and depression. Kind of like the way the unipolar world is now, in other words, only with more Russians and Germans.

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