PUMA Power:
One-Fourth of Democrat Party Used to Being Ignored by Maintream Media

PUMAs are the One Group Who Has Already Gone Head-to-Head Against “The Obama Experience”

* The Mainstream Media Bias
* ACORN Voter Fraud
* The Blog Shutdowns and Intimidation Tactics
* The “Fix is In” Frustration

PUMAs: Been There, Done That

These days, the most energetic investigations, the loudest warnings and the people most experienced with unpleasant Obama campaign tactics come not from the Republican Party, but from a segment of the Democrat Party: the PUMAs.

They represent a significant proportion of the Democratic Party–a portion the Mainstream Media is loathe to acknowledge, let alone report.

Some became PUMAs after what they felt was unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton. Some because of the unfair treatment in the media of Sarah Palin. Some because they cannot support a candidate who Joe Biden said “wasn’t ready” just months ago–before Biden became Barack Obama’s running mate.

Party Unity My Ass (PUMA)

PUMA is a movement born shortly after Hillary Clinton conceded the Democrat nomination to Barack Obama. PUMA blogs and websites almost immediately popped up on the Internet.

* P.U.M.A.
* The Real Barack Obama
* Democrats For McCain
* PUMApac
* The Confluence
* PUMA Women
* Hillbuzz

The above websites are only the tip of the PUMA iceberg.

PUMA bracelets

A sizable portion of Democrats say they will not support Barack Obama. Seems like that would be quite a story for some enterprising Big Media reporter, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the organization the Obama campaign has set up apart from local Democrats–Obama’s Campaign for Change offices number in the hundreds nationwide–would be a story.

The answer: no.

From Obama Campaign’s National Network Separate from the Democratic Party:

An AP-Yahoo News poll claims that Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries are still not warming up to Barack Obama. Fifty-eight percent of Clinton supporters now back Obama.

That was the same percentage who said they backed Obama in a June, when Clinton called it quits and the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) movement was born.

The poll shows that while Obama has gained ground among Clinton’s supporters — 69 percent view him favorably now, up 9 percentage points from June — this has yet to translate into more of their support.

In part, this is because their positive views of Republican presidential nominee John McCain have also improved during this period. Those supporting McCain have also edged up from 21 percent to 28 percent, with the number of undecided staying constant, the survey showed.

That was last month. Have things changed since then?

Hillary Clinton has been campaigning for Obama–and there are plenty of stories that report that the PUMAs practically don’t exist.

But is that true–or wishful thinking?

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by Mondo Frazier
Source: a href=”http://deathby1000papercuts.com/2008/10/pumas-the-democrats-the-media-doesnt-want-to-talk-about/”>PUMAs: The Democrats the Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

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