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Swiss using radar to catch speeding skiers.

Traffic is always a problem in big cities and on highways.  More accidents obviously occur on congested roadways than in wide open spaces.  Not too much of a stretch to figure that one out.  In theory, the idea can prove true in almost any aspect of life.  More shopping carts collide with each other in crowded grocery stores than empty ones.  More coffee gets spilled in tight little coffee shops than big restaurants.  Now the Swiss have found the same proves out on ski slopes.

Last year there were more than 70,000 skiing accidents in tiny little Switzerland.  That’s a whole lot of people getting in each other’s way.  The problem, according to the Swiss, isn’t with the average skier out for a nice enjoyable shoosh down a mountain, but with those who think themselves Olympians, and rush down the slope at speeds in excess of their self-assumed talent.  Add to these folks the ones that may have had a few too many hot toddies in the lodge, mix in the crowded conditions, and the result is the new 19 mph speed limit.  That’s 19, with a 1 and a 9.

Now I haven’t been skiing in quite a few years, but there were occassions when I completed a run somewhat ski-less.  It wasn’t because I over-extended my limits, and if memory serves, I was more or less sober.  There was one instance though, when my skis actually went by me, and I guarantee they were speeding.

News Link: Times Online

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