Our friends from Puddle Of Mudd have fallen foul of the custodians of the Elvis homestead at Graceland. The band inadvertently broke some rules on their visit to the shrine of Elvis on last Monday. Front man Wesley Scantlin was suffering from the stifling Memphis heat and decided that a quick dip in Elvis’s private pool was just what he needed. Alas the only picture of the event was snapped using a less than quality camera, but it is still worth publishing. We are not sure if Wesley is wearing his ‘Tighty Whities’, or he was ‘Full Monty’ for this event.

The security personnel took a dim view of Wesleys escapade, not only was Wesley assisted out of the pool, and escorted off the property, he now faces a lifetime ban from Graceland! A shocked Wesley explained “I just wanted to take a dip!” When one considers the scentric behavior that Elvis was known for, you would think that the Graceland ‘Rent A Cops’ would have shown more understanding and compassion’

Unfortunately the Graceland staff have no sense of humor, and obviously they had no idea about who they were escorting off the property!

Puddle of Mudd are about to release their next album Famous on October 9th. You can get a sneak listen to their track Psycho here. Incidentally I suspect that Famous is going to do well, grab it quick. You can pre-order Famous. 

Simon Barrett



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