I see stories like this in my local area quite often.  Where security has made it a need to stop a baby from being fed and asking people to stop doing business in there establishment. 

I find it remarkable, honestly.  I guess I just don’t get what the big deal is.  Why are we so worried about what other people do with there own bodies and where? You see something like this, move on.  Stare if you want, whatever.  This goes for anything really.  Move on…if nobody is being hurt or neglected.  It isn’t your business.

All good moms just do what they think is best for there kids and children.  If this is what a particular mom chooses, well let her.  She isn’t hurting anyone or anything and it is the viewer that feels uncomfortable, so stop viewing.  I am sure that the mother doing the nursing is completely comfortable with her body the choose she makes for her baby.

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