Clearly disappointed about not having found a Kurschatten he can have an intelligent conversation with, and chomping at the bit to march back to the strike his union is currently in the process of losing once his well-deserved Kur is finally over with, locomotive union boss Manfred Schell (place the stress on loco here) has accused the Bahn of conducting Psychoterror (psycho terror) in its dealings with the strikers.

Psychoterror is a popular term with Germans and is often used here whenever one is faced with irrefutable arguments during the course of an emotional discussion or downright fight. Volksverblödung (dumbing down the people) is another such popular term which is also quite useful in the same situation and, coincidentally, another one Schell used during the same conversation.

He is namely convinced that the Bahn is trying to dumb down his people by having offered them a 10 percent pay raise and a one-time payment of 2,000 euros (about $2,800), an offer he rejected. That’s right. Do the math. It’s still not enough. Don’t ask. Uhm, who’s doing the dumbing down again?

And Schell’s psycho terror accusation seems to stem from the fact that he is convinced he is dealing with Außerirdische (aliens). Or at least that is what he called Bahn personnel boss Margret Suckale during an unguarded moment when he thought the microphones where off or something, I guess. Hmmm. Do you think he knows about his implants yet?

And this is the kind of stuff the guy says when he’s on rest and relaxation, too. Can you imagine what he’ll be giving us next week when he gets the party started again?

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