The United Nations has a program of sexuality education that is being promoted globally, which I talk about here on my own blog, Refreshment in Refuge. On George Barna’s blog, I see him asking questions about how churches protect our children, comparing the British law,  Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act of 2006, to what many of us face when we volunteer to work in children’s ministry in our churches. We rarely have to do anything, we rarely have to even fill out a form or submit to a back ground check.The questions asked are simple, but quite frightening to me. Should we take a leaf from British law? It terrifies me how much our government has torn from our hands in the education department. We parents, obviously, can’t teach our children properly about proliferation. We don’t know how to teach about sexual conduct or the sex act, so government in the form of public schools must teach this. It is so scary that the president has embraced a person who has an agenda to make everyone in the U.S. accept that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle, and has made him the Education Czar with all the appropriate power to exercise his agenda.I was incensed that the U.N. is pushing the idea that children as young as five years old should be introduced to sex education and that children should be assured that touching themselves, inappropriately in my opinion, is normal and natural. That just makes me sick at my stomach.Slowly and insidiously our government is getting too big for its britches. Even now it is changing pants that have bigger and deeper pockets and is looking to fill them with our hard earned money. Big Government is not content with just our money, its long arm is reaching into the future to our grand children and our great-grandchildren. That gives me flu-like symptoms! Are we going to sit silently by and let it happen? Are we like blind Timaeus? Or will we be more like his son, Bartimaeus, who sits by the side of the road shouting for Jesus and asking for his sight?We can’t do anything within our own power, but we most certainly can ask God for help, and for the wisdom to do what He would have us do. Gina has extensive experience in grant writing and community development, and has taught Sunday School and Discipleship Training for almost three decades.  (Don’t tell her that makes her old.)  This is her first love, using her God-given talent to shine a light in a dark world.  You can visit her blog at Refreshment In Refuge.  She writes a weekly column for, and an occasional column for Blogger News Network. She is committed to bringing God glory with her writing.  Gina is a book reviewer for several publishers, a member of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, and you can read some of her book reviews before the books hit the book store shelves, check out Gina’s book reviews at Upon Reflection .

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