There are few careers as rewarding as running your own business. When you’re in charge, you answer to no boss but yourself: your passion, your integrity, and your drive to succeed. Running your own business allows you to focus on what you do best – or, at least, it should.

But the reality, of course, is that running a business is a risky thing. Even if your business is focused on your passion, there are plenty of other factors and risks in play. Baking bread is a bakery’s main concern, but not its sole concern – there’s the payroll, insurance, and much more. It’s the same with all types of businesses, from medical offices to hobby shops. While it would be great if starting your own business would allow you to do only what you love, that just isn’t the case.

The really unfortunate thing about this reality is that it can put your business at risk. A baker may know everything about baking bread, but without smart payroll management, the business could be in trouble. And that’s to say nothing about the many other risks a business runs, from health department inspections to sexual harassment lawsuits.

The good news is that you can protect your business without becoming an expert on everything from employee training to payroll. The solution is outsourcing.


Do what you do best, and let others do what they do best


You likely founded your business to deliver a product or a service. But just because you’re the best at baking bread doesn’t mean that you’ll be the best at selling it. The good news is that there are people who think of advertising the way that you think of baking. Get them on your side, and you’ll get your customers – and your bread, of course, will be what brings them back!

You can outsource just about anything to freelancers, contractors, and consultants these days. That includes graphic design (for your logo and wordmark, of course), web design, copywriting, and everything else that you’ll need to get customers in the door. From inventory management systems to optometry software, outsourcing solutions can be as specific as you need them to be.


Outsource sources of risk


There are plenty of things that can bring your company down. And while you may feel like having those issues directly under your control is safer, the reality is that your business is protected best when you rely on experts. So if your baking expertise gives you the edge on health compliance, by all means, save money and skip the consultant. But when it comes to payroll, maybe it’s time to outsource.

Your employees don’t just need payroll services – they also need training. As a business owner, you’re responsible for your workplace culture. You can’t guarantee that every person you hire is a great human being, though, so protect yourself by taking an active role in your workplace culture. Outsource training on issues like sexual harassment to minimize risk and establish your position as a business owner that cares about the workplace culture.

Legal threats don’t only take the form of lawsuits. They can also come in the form of regulations and red tape. Violate the fine print, and your business could be in trouble! That’s why legal services are another area where outsourcing is essential. From California cannabis lawyers to specialists in New York City livery law, there’s a lawyer for everything these days. Find yours!

Outsourcing is a great way to save money and free yourself to focus on the parts of your business that you do best. But you can also think of outsourcing as an insurance policy of sorts. You’re not an expert in everything (nobody is), so don’t put your business at risk by trying to handle something you’re not ready for. Rely on the experts and protect your business.

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