A small yet growing and surprising diverse chorus of voices is beginning to call for a D.O.J investigation of and if evidence warrants, Criminal prosecution of Mr. George W. Bush and dozens of men and women who served in the executive branch of the United States Government during his presidency.

These new calls come in addition to ramped up efforts by powerful congressional committee chairs to circumvent efforts by conservative blue dog democrats, to shield Bush and company from facing any consequences for eight years spent treating the constitution like oval office toilet paper. President Obama in a spirit of national reconciliation has made it clear, crystal clear if you like, that he opposes any activity that would amount to or give the impression of a partisan political witch hunt of republicans or those men and women on the front lines in the continued effort to defend against the acts of terrorists.
Civil libertarians, progressives and liberals by and large couldn’t agree more the hand of criminality in this drama did not in a majority of incidents, belong to folks on site. The villains responsible for war crimes and violations of the U.S. constitution, were far removed from the scene of the crime, and President Obama’s call for congressional bipartisanship does not conflict with the need to investigate and prosecute if prosecution is called for. Currently media Baron Sir Rupert Murdoch through his minions in the mainstream media, along with a few stale left over neoconservatives still in office have become George Bush and Richard Cheney’s final fire wall.

But I suspect when it’s officially disclosed, Even children were targets of torture in the Bush/Cheney white house, the official tone of cordial civility toward the last administration by the current will evaporate. I agree with conservatives and republicans who observe Obama is a President eager to move on with the business of the people, sincere in desire to hear all counsel in the most effective road map toward restoring economic prosperity and ending the war.

Were it simply the case of a few confirmed arch terrorist’s having been water boarded there would be no issue to debate, But when the American people learn through official pronouncement or unnamed but confirmed sources, that George Bush authorized the torture of children, even Sir Rupert’s vast media empire will be obliged to urge appropriate authorities to investigate. The Bush administrations second favorite democrat after Joe Lieberman, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) conceded on FOX a few days back, prosecution of Bush administration officials may be required once the rule of law is restored. Speaker Pelosi, perhaps reading the writing on the wall, said she will now support congressional efforts to investigate current allegations against the past administration.

Since it was Pelosi herself who said “impeachment of Bush was off the table” when democrats took power in the 2006 midterms, her new attitude seems to signal she wants to get way ahead of the stench that will waft through the halls of congress when the secrets of George Bush begin filtering through the news cycle. Pelosi’s appearance of FOX also seemed to convey her awareness she is losing her base of support among democrats in her district and may need to begin the process of wooing GOP voters to remain a viable candidate.
The legislation proposed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers and supported by progressives and liberals calls for creation of a 9-11 style blue-ribbon panel of outside experts to probe the “broad range” of policies pursued by the Bush administration “under claims of unreviewable war powers,” including torture and warrant-less wiretaps and is going forward whether the speaker likes it or not. People working closely with Conyers on legislation to form the panel to investigate Bush’s policies have confirmed Conyers office contacted Obama during the transition to discuss their intent to investigate. But Obama’s people simply “listened” to what they had to say and did not verbalize whether they supported the proposal or not.
While President Obama controls to some degree the zeal his Justice department focuses on criminal investigation, If congressional activity begins to cast a negative reflection on the scope and pace of the executive branch the President will be compelled to appoint a special prosecutor to avoid the appearance he is attempting to white wash the sins of his predecessor and action that cost President Ford a second term.

That’s my view, yours may be different 

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