Prose:-If changing this comedy means wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Author:Essa Bokarr SEY.

There is a famous verse from the “museum” of music that says:”If loving you is wrong,then I don’t wanna be right”.This is the sizzling part of a famous song. An opposite end, when one thinks about despair and uncertainty. The context here is for loving,caring and peace. The context here chose love over hate and despair.

This is a context that prefers staying wrong, if loving someone is meant to be wrong. Deep thinking! Indeed deep thinking! There is this place where an opposite context has been wrapped within another concept. In this place masked comedians are guarding the guillotine. They behead for no reason and scrape blood while laughing. If laughter is good medicine,then in this place it has no active ingredients. Laughing where sorrow is flying like a kite means joy has been misunderstood. What a misfortune! This is why minds should fly faster than these kites! After all minds are the cradles of brains whereas kites are inanimate. Deep thinking! That is the possible route! We have to get one big single sickle to be able to mow this grassy yard.
Wolof Njie says:”Wattat Gaal Yeggo!” Those trying to get a canoe in the river should push together.Yes! unity means responsibility. Are wishes kisses? Wishes are not kisses,neither are kisses wishes.Then where does love stand in this change? Love stands on that spot-to be, when a new day is born! One day I said change! Today I am saying change! Tomorrow I will still remain adamant. “Balaabatta Jaat” Today is another day.It is time to test the engines  and see where the truth lies! Life is not a night flight where we see and cannot be seen. In our flight we see and can be seen. It all depends on what or who we see? Or what or who sees us? Do we see everybody or everything that sees us? No! The abstract does not attract,it adjusts us where we cannot feel or see. Always think before you leap!
In the holy book,He who must be worshipped says:”Kulli Ya’wmin fee shah’nin” each and every day goes with its priorities from the One who created these days. No single day is like the other. When He chooses we get,when we choose does not mean we will not lose one day. Cosmic power is far more than this comedy I see around me. On this day I can say:”If Changing this comedy means being wrong then I don’t want to be right!” He or she who says:”leave me alone with my bone” where many canine teeth are grinding stone,may as well be a bad ‘doggy’. Minds fly like kites but they always do not fly over the sea.
Life is a very very long story. History says:”we will ever worry”. Time says this to the naive and the merciless:”I am so sorry because change is on the road coming”
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