Author:-Essa Bokarr SEY.
The stage is ready!
The minds are set!
Time does not mean crime…Hmmm….why is ours so so sour?
Sour time versus sour feelings…Chei Waaye!
I came accross “Mansaali”.
An abstract phenomenon but not plated hatred?
Isn’t this a long line of fuses within excuses?
Some times it is bright,some times it so so dark!
Barking in this darkness leaves one mind baffled.
Shackling ankles or scraping wrinkles.
Build the future tense now!
“Mansaali” said….form is not substance,neither is substance form!
Blind pride! Wild Pride! Ride on that Pride!
I heard one Kora Jalo sing me a song during the past wild days of our sour time.
“Fula Funtung!” Rags are dirty!
“Fula Foofulewo” Husk is not rice!
“Fula Foro” Honor shines!
Where am I? Where are you? Where are we situated in this sour time that does not mean crime? “Kapati-Kapati-Haa!!!” Maama Labbo said…”Haala Gassi Galleh Coummandang” Maama Labbo said this when he saw the Oppressed reporting the Oppressed to a Colonial Governor.
Today Hammadi Labbo is whistling.
Hamadi sees…The deprived, depriving the deprived!
A basket of crumbs,trying to be real bread?
Mandinka said…”Tonya”-Truth O Truth!
“Jan’ga-yaa bika foroya tingna”-Height does not destroy honor.
“Sutuyaa bika foroya tigna”-Being short does not destroy honor.
“Bari Baa! Malibaliyaa Kaa fara tema!”-The absence of honor shatters credibility.
There are fuses in these excuses!
Are they mute?
They are causing a lot of smoke!
Curse not the shadows!
Follow the mind,it is a better bulb!
Posted on Tuesday, November 07, 2006 (Archive on Monday, December 11, 2006)

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