David Schussler

Property demands proper caretaking and stewardship. Whether an acre, a car, a dog, a can opener, or a gun. The idea of personal lifetime ownership or that the government should be the owner of anything is outrageous. It is hard to understand how individuals can even own property. It, in no way belongs to us. Property belongs to the Earth. We are here on it temporarily. Yes we develop it, put factories on it, live on it, and travel on it, but how did we get it.

Land was here before we were and, I’m sure earliest man laid no claim to it but wandered around and used what and where was best for him (or her). Indigenous Americans laid claim to the U.S., Europeans laid claim to the U.S., Settlers laid claim to the U.S., and early government gave land it did not own in grants to individuals. Wars changed property rights and granted ownership. It’s like giving rights to the sky (we do with radio waves and air travel rules) or the ocean (here again we do) when no one gave the authority to the authoritative agencies in the first place. They gathered together and took it.

All of our goods are manufactured from animal, mineral, and vegetable sources and basically come from the earth. We use them, and they wind up recycled or back in the landfill for future generations to re-use. Ownership is temporary and tenuous at best. What we buy is the opportunity to use it temporarily from the person that controls it or the manufacture of it.

As ownership is already outrageous, government control of ownership is utterly outrageous and, worse yet, we elect people to be in control of making laws to govern others to create and maintain control over all sorts of property and then they make us pay taxes to build and maintain all of these agencies. We are pretty stupid aren’t we? Just to prove it, our government owns the majority of U.S. property much of which we cannot even step foot on.

We even pay taxes on our stuff. Take a vehicle, for instance. We pay taxes on it when we purchase it, and then, every time it is resold we pay taxes again and again. What’s that all about? Buy a piece of property, pay taxes, pay taxes every year on it, build a structure, pay more, build a fence, pay more, every year forever and ever Amen. Inherit that stuff and pay taxes again. Oh my God, it only ends when we die and our relatives get to keep paying. That’s what we get for stealing it from the indigenous original inhabitants of our beloved land. Bad Karma.

As I was working in disaster recovery during hurricanes Katrina and Rita I saw the idea of property ownership humbled and the rights to use it suddenly became more evident and important as the loss of it occurred. It really pulled people together to face the reality of our planets natural control of its resources. We are natural too. We are the current natural inhabitants of our land. Many of our rights as granted by our constitution regarding ownership are being trampled on as we speak. Is it any wonder that there are a large group of people that want us to return to our roots and a more basic life? Too late! It probably will take a world catastrophe to wake up most people. The more we are good stewards of our stuff and our space, we deserve to use it. People just need to learn humility and common sense or it will just come crashing down on them anyway. Can you believe that there are actually forces greater than governments. Wha?

Legal rules controlling wealth and poverty are supercilious and a dozen layers beyond the simplicity and reality of life as it should be. Those who make their living pretending to interpret laws regarding property rights of any kind need only to look at a barrel of monkeys or a jungle to see how natural the order of things are. To assume that the wealthy developer or poor rancher or anyone who has obtained a chunk of property through hard work and ambition has done so due to lack of government controls is asinine. Eminent domain has claimed more land from the innocent in the name of government on behalf of non deserving individuals with no oversight at all. Only anarchical public outcry can protect us against that and not enough people generally care. There is no fairness to the distribution of property and the further along a chain of ownership goes, the more complex it becomes, until it washes away in the surf, becomes unlivable due to drought, washes away in a flood, is wiped out by magma or ash, or has a bomb dropped on it.

Attempts by some to equalize property ownership have always failed mostly because the main difference between the haves and the have-nots in a free society is the do and do-nots. It takes hard work, creative thinking, and blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish anything and although wealth and property ownership is not always the desire, it is often the result. Upon death relatives inherit by default creating a whole new generation of complexities to angst over. It would be a whole lot easier if we had a socialist government or a dictatorship. Property rights laws and lawyers wouldn’t be necessary. We would be told what to have and what not to have. Everyone would have the same things, no one would envy or have to steal or have to strive, blah, blah, blah.

The point is that rules of law are arbitrary and differ immensely from nation to nation depending on the religion and government of that nation. These rules have evolved generally from a basic universal spiritual point of view interpreted by those whom we have trusted in the past. The rules were simple yet our complex societies demanded more and more until now we see many more differences than commonalities. Our property rights laws must be brought to the simplest of terms and started over again with common sense and fairness as the gauge and the government (politicians) are not the ones to accomplish this. They have already proven themselves incapable of understanding our nation’s founder’s principles. Perhaps a think tank of common folks can come up with the agenda for this before people suddenly wake up and all hell breaks loose and anarchy reins.

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