The owner of a New York building is to be cited as a result of improper removal of asbestos in the building, with a tip off resulting in authorities not only investigating the allegations but also catching the building owner and his workers in the act of improperly disposing of the asbestos.

There are very strict regulations in place over the removal and the disposal of asbestos, as exposure to this substance can result in serious health problems including respiratory disease, scarring of the lungs, and the deadly asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma.

According to reports when authorities turned up at the former Classy Leather Goods warehouse in Middletown there were workers ready to leave with bags of asbestos debris that they were planning to dump. Investigators that had turned up at the property were from the Department of Labor.

Reports claimed that the building was filled with asbestos, and tenants said that workers had been breaking up the asbestos with sledge hammers and without wearing any form of protective gear.

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