There is a big controversy against Notre Dame University honoring President Obama with an honorary degree.

Undoubtedly you have read the Notre Dame talking points, which are all over the news.

These talking point insist: Only rabid right wing evil conservative bigoted Republicans oppose this honor, and most good pro abortion Democratic Catholics support the university.

Of course, the name calling and polls are not relevant to the issue.

This is a Catholic matter, and the real problem is a university president who deliberately goes against church policy to honor someone who is pro abortion.

The key word here is “honor”: we are not talking about giving a speech or a debate, but honoring the president for what he has done.

Seventy US bishops are on record at saying this is a bad idea, since it implies approval of the President’s pro abortion

Huh? Isn’t the President a “moderate” on abortion?

Well, since he has become president, Obama has mandated using US taxpayer money to promote abortion overseas, removed civil rights protection from Catholic and Muslim health care providers who refuse to do abortions, and (just for good measure) decided it’s okay to use embryos to make stem cells.

About the only thing he hasn’t passed is the FOCA, which would remove all restrictions at state level (e.g. partial birth abortion) and in some proposed versions of the bill would mandate all hospitals to perform abortions, including Catholic facilities.

So why does the NYTimes think the President is a moderate?–here’s why, straight from the pages of the New York Times.

As president, Mr. Obama…has tried to straddle the abortion divide….

He has done so partly by reaching out to religious conservatives, partly by avoiding the most contentious legislative battles and partly by reversing the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, a faithful ally of abortion opponents, in piecemeal fashion — all while the nation has been consumed by the economic crisis.

Translation: he only promotes his abortion agenda by releasing the information a little at a time (and mainly on Friday evening) so that no one notices.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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