According to Australian reports the budged that was approved for a community project has gone out of the window after the discovery of asbestos, which added nearly one million extra dollars to the budget. The asbestos was discovered by Sutherland Shire County Council employees near the Engadine Community Hall.

The council had approved a budget of just over seven millions Australian dollars for the Engadine community facilities project. However, the discovery of asbestos has added nearly nine hundred and forty thousand dollars more to the amount needed.

One council official said: “After discovering shards of asbestos at the community project in Cronulla we took the prudent course of action in digging some extra trenches under the tarmac at Engadine .” He said that officials had done all that they could with the project but the asbestos was not discovered till later in the project.

The project was being undertaken to replace the existing community facilities in the area, and to relocate a war memorial. The incident has caused heated debate over the increased budget and the project in general.

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