It was a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling in a maudlin mood, where had all of the prog rockers gone? I was reminded of the Peter, Paul and Mary classic, ‘Where have all the flowers gone’. I hit the computer keyboard with vengeance, what was prog, I mused? 2000 words later I went to bed. The next morning I discovered that my friends at Microsoft had ‘upgraded me’ and the document was gone.

The question of what is prog, is a very difficult one to answer. Who is prog? Everyone has their own definition of the genre. I also feel like bands drift in and out of the genre, or maybe they grow out of that particular phase. The early days of Genesis, YES, ELP, and Pink Floyd were most certainly prog. What came in later years I question.

Two days ago I received an invite to listen to some prog. New Prog. I was pretty damn impressed. THEO is a band to be reckoned with. The debut album The Game Of Ouroboros is quite the catch.

At the head of the operation is Jim Alfredson. Maybe his background is Jazz, but he sure knows his way around the Prog Genre. Prog to me always needs to have keyboards, sure some might disagree with me, it is just my personal preference.

I really enjoyed The Game Of Ouroboros and went hunting online for information about Jim Alfredson. Prog keyboard players tend to share some traits, often classically trained, technically very savy, and one size does not fit all, different keyboards for different situations. This man seems to fit all three categories. On YouTube I found this gem.

This kind of setup is not for the beginner!

I also found a glorious video about THEO, it is a must watch.

Is that a Moog I see in the background?

All will be revealed on Thursday at 4pm, I will be interviewing the amazing Jim Alfredson, if you want to listen in live, also get to hear a couple of tracks from the debut of THEO just click here.

Simon Barrett

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