I have to admit that I am a big fan of products that do only one thing, I like phones that actually make calls, I like TV’s that actually show TV programs, and kitchen appliances that do exactly what they are designed to do. I take a slice of bread, put it in the toaster, push down on the lever, and when my toast is ready, up it pops. I don’t need to send a Twitter to the thing, and the Toaster does not feel the need to post on Facebook that my slice of bread is ready for the butter.

Call me old school if you want!

Of course that is not to say that I am against devices that do more than one thing. The Swiss Army Knife is a case in point. A good Swiss Army Knife can assist in everything from opening bottles of wine to performing emergency self limb amputation in the wilderness.

The Nance E-Grace Personal Alarm is not quite as useful as a Swiss Army Knife but it is interesting. At first glance it looks like a million other Key Fobs on sale. But the Nance E-Grace is different.


It is amazing what you do with a small device.

The center button actually has a pressure sensor in it.


The harder you press the button, the louder Nance E-Grace says BOMBSHELL. This should be enough to scare off even the most determined mugger!

The Digital Nancy Frame also comes with some other features.


I am not sure, but I think that to get up to the minute updates you must sign up with AT&T (there may be a discount if you already have an Apple iNancy)

The other button is just as exciting.


I just had to explore further. A second press of the button revealealed.


I have only had my Nance E-Grace for a short time, so this is hardly an in depth look at the product. I will keep you posted on my findings. There is a rumor on the street though. Two Sham-wows, two Chia pets, and two Digital Nancy Frames for $20 (plus shipping and handling). The advert is in post production and will be on your late night TV really soon.

Simon Barrett

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