These days if you are armed with a camera, a laptop and some software you can be the next movie mogul. Obviously the camera and hardware platform will cost a few dollars. But with a small budget, lets say $1000 you can get the basic stuff. The software is a different beast. You can find some for free, you can find some for many thousands of dollars.

There is a saying ‘You get what you pay for’. It is true! It is buyer beware. Both Apple and Microsoft have ‘free’ video editing software. They both work the way that you would expect them to. They are cheap and cheerful. What they lack is the richness of abilities to edit at a professional level.

When it comes to ‘Studio’ quality software Sony offers Sony Vegas. This is a whiz bang PHD required to operate piece of work. It is certainly outside the price range and ability of the average guy.

Sony also offers a more user friendly product Movie Studio Platinum 12. At around $120 it did not seem an outrageous amount.

It offered great options, this was the movie studio in your home.

My adventure started in September. I installed it, and it crashed as soon as I launched it. Needless to say I contacted Sony.
That on September 24.

By September 29 I had heard nothing, so sent this:

I am a little concerned, you had no problem accepting payment, but seem slow on responding to the problem. Five days to not even get ‘we are working on it’ makes me wonder. In fact I wonder if I am in the correct spot to even get technical support? If I am not, can you tell me where I should go?

On November 7 they finally got back to me.

The solution did not work, and it is now December and am waiting for a reply. I find humor in the fact that Sony portray an image of innovation and bullet proof devices, but they are useless when it comes to customer support,

I am sure that Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suit is a fine upstanding product. But based on the truly horrible customer support I find it impossible to recommend it to even people I don’t like. Keep the $112 and buy things that work!

I don’t use stars in my reviews, but if I did, this one would come in at minus several million stars!

Simon Barrett

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