I get all sorts of Press Releases, but Potty Mouth takes the prize. What is not to love about a device that attaches to your toilet seat and gives a stern warning if you leave the seat in the upright position?

For some reason (and I am 57 years old, so I know a thing or two) women seem to have an obsession with the toilet seat being in the horizontal rather than the vertical position. I am sure that I speak for most men, when we walk into the bathroom and see that the toilet seat is down, we put it in the safe ‘upright position’. We do the same thing with our tray tables before takeoff on any aircraft flight. Pretty much, you can slow down the take off of a 747 by not putting the tray table in the upright position. You have just made 350 people unhappy. Of course if the airlines were run by women, there is little doubt that that prior to takeoff everyone would be asked to make sure that their tray tables are in the horizontal position.

It is one thing for us men to make all of the big decisions, major things like will the economic issues in Europe have an effect on the stock market, or even, are we heading into a new cold war era with Russia? Meanwhile the women handle the small stuff, how much pocket money we can have, and ‘if’ and ‘when’ we can go out and play with our friends!

Being married for a while, you realize that we actually live in a women’s world. No finer example is the bathroom. The do’s and don’ts are brutal, and breaking the rules will send you to the ‘Dog House’ faster than farting at a sit down dinner at the in laws.

I rather like the following commentary on the back of the packaging:

Test by lifting the seat. It should take 30 seconds to activate, so be patient (remember we have to give the guys to finish and zip up!). Once the device starts talking, lower the seat to turn it off.

Potty Mouth has three batteries that will last for 400 plays. Now your man should be trained so there’s no more falling in the bowl! If this doesn’t work we suggest maybe tou trade him in for a smarter one! Good luck ladies!

I don’t want to encourage the 50% of the population that are female, But Potty Mouth is a blast! The good news is that my wife doesn’t know how to install it (I hid the instructions). I have to admit that Potty Mouth is fun, but I want a new version. This one would trigger after the seat had been down for a while and should persuade women that it would be polite to put the seat up!

Ladies snap one up while you can. To the best of my knowledge Potty Mouth is not available in Walmart yet, so the best thing to do is order one online from www.potty-mouth.com

Simon Barrett

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