Animal Sight Words (Pbs Kids)It’s that time. Time for your kids to start the process of learning how to recognize simple letters, repeat them themselves and eventually understand how they work together to form words. Where do you start?There’s so many ways to teach them and so many products design to help you teach them. The family-friendly minds at PBS Kids have come up with an easy to use introductory process: Animal Sight Words.

This collection of 10 giant cards with easy animal words (Bear, Bird, Cat, Dog, Duck, etc…) spelled out beside a cute picture of the animal works as a teaching aid on so many levels:

1. The extra large letters make a significant imprint in the card, so kids can not only read the word, but run their fingers over it to get an even better idea of the shape of the letters and the words.

2. The collection comes with a wipe-off marker that kids can use to write the words out on the line provided next to the image. Easy wiping off means kids can write and rewrite numerous times with no hassle.

3. The pictures beside the words help give an easily understandable meaning to the words on the card. For example, an image of a cat helps kids understand exactly what C-A-T represents.

4. The cards themselves are extra large for easy handling and safety. No papercuts from these thick cards.

After spending a little time with the cards I can’t really find any flaws to point out. They’re designed to help kids along the beginner’s reading path and they don’t just do that, they do it in a way that’s fun and entertaining for parents and kids alike.

Zach’s Review: A
Parent’s review: A
Kid’s review: A

To purchase Animal Sight Words Touch-And-Learn Cards, visit Brighter Minds Media

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