The USB flash or thumb drive is a way of life, small portable and with ever increasing storage capacity, for many people it has become the weapon of choice for moving data between computers.

Most drives are just boring little white sticks, I have bunches of them, and I have no clue where they came from! I have a theory, if you put two of them together they breed like rabbits!

From a manufacturers stand point the flash drive is a tough market, a trip to you local mega mart will reveal that there are dozens of models to choose from.

Mimobot have taken a different approach with their product lines. They make designer USB drives, their latest release are a set of Star Wars themed drives. I have the Obi One Kenobi model. As with all sensible hardware these days you just plug it in and use it, no fuss no muss.

The drives come in a variety of storage capacities between 2gig and 16gig. Boy we have come a long way from the good old 360k floppy drive!

The Mimobot products also come with what the company refer to as ‘Mimory’, they preload some software for your fun and amusement. There are themed screen savers, sound effects and various other items.

The Mimobot series of drives are certainly not the cheapest on the market however they are not only unique in nature but incredibly well made. Although I did not try it they give me the impression that you could run them over with a truck and they likely would survive.

Degigned with a USB-2 interface the throughput performance is snappy. Although not listed on the data sheet I did try the unit on a USB-1 system and it worked just fine. I also tested it on several versions of Windows 7, XP, and Vista, also on a couple of Linux distributions that I run, in every case the unit performed as advertised.

These drives are available in stores and the main Mimobot web page has a store locator feature, or you can buy them direct from Mimobot via the web page.

If you want a USB drive that stands out from the crowd, these are the ones for you.

Simon Barrett

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